“You Burn So Brightly”

P1080095.JPGFriday I went to my first game of the season and I have to say it went much better than the first game I went to last season.  Both games were against the Indians and both were 1 of a 4 game set.  The difference, last years the Yankees lost 22-4 and this time the Yankees won 8-2.  I’d have to say this was a much better first game of the season for me.

Other than the fact that the Yankees won I got to see Ramiro play third base (and shortstop but he started at third =D) and while I would have loved to see Cervelli play I am glad he finally got a day he deserved it.  And I got to see Phil Hughes pitch for the first time since the ALDS in 2007 (the game he came in, in relief of Roger Clemens and got the only win for the Yankees in the 2007 play-offs).   All and all that was a great game and a great start to Memorial Day weekend for me.

And then there was yesterday which very possibly will go down in history as the craziest day to ever occur in MLB.  We will go in order of occurance since that seems the most logical.  First there was the Yankee//Indians game which just looking at the box score it was a crazy game and then if you look at the bottom of the third inning it was even crazier.  At this point everyone knows that David Huff got hit in the side of his head with a line drive off of the bat of A-Rod.  From what everyone can tell at this point he is fine which is really good, and I am glad he is not hurt.  I will even give a few points to A-Rod for getting in his car and driving right to the hospital after the game was over, even if at that point Huff was already back at the stadium in a situation like that, the thought really does count.

Second crazy of the day goes to the Angels’ Kendry Morales, who broke his leg after hitting a walk-off grandslam and is possibly our for the whole season.  I really don’t have anything to say about this except how strange it is.  Third and last of the crazies yesterday Roy Halladay pitched the second perfect game of the season.  This is awesome and all, like all perfect games and no hitters, but there is something about Halladay that just really bothers.  It’s not that he wears a Phillies uniform or anything like that I just am really not a fan.

On a little side not both perfect games this season have been against the Florida teams.


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p.p.s. Don’t you love the picture? I have amazing photography skills =D. haha.

p.p.p.s. Lyrics from the song “Do Better” by Say Anything.


“Do You Think This is Funny?”

A few thoughts I have had recently and would like to share:

♥. Have you seen Joe Girardi’s arms? They are HUGE, they look like those inflatable arms in that Spongebob episode, don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about.

♥. On the topic of Joe Girardi, I am not a fan.  There is just something about him, not his arms, that just bothers me.

♥. Since Joe West is making headlines yet again I feel that since I am the Umpire Groupie it is my job to comment on it.  Now since I am slightly confused about what exactly happened yesterday I am not going to discuss it.  Instead I have another comment about the incident that occurred during the first Yankees//Red Sox series of the season.  The comments he made about the teams and baseball in general were completely uncalled for and shouldn’t be tolerated.  If any player said stuff like that about an unmpire he would be fined and as much as I love umpires they shouldn’t be treated any differently.  And as far as I can tell he has not been fined which is not fair at all.

♥. Boy Meets World is the best show ever created and I miss it.

♥. That last one had nothing to do with baseball I just can’t think of the other baseball related comments I had…oh well.


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p.p.s. “No I think it is the opposite of funny.  I think it is wood.”–The great Topanga Lawrence and Cory Matthews, everybody.

“I’m Up From My Down…”

softball_image.jpgIt’s been a little while but I am back and have finished my internship so until camp starts I may even be here for a little and update on a more regular basis. However, anyone who knows me can tell you that probably won’t actually happen.

Anyway less about me and more about baseball. So I had this great post going about the Dodgers are picking it up winning six straight, they’re only three games back and everything seems to finally be clicking, and then yesterday happened.  Andre Eithier broke (or fractured, not really sure what the difference is) his finger during batting practice yesterday.  And I can tell you all the regular stuff he is leading either the MLB or the NL in almost all offensive categories (“including nose hair” lol) and has been a driving force in the Dodger line-up.  But that would just be boring and there is no point in writing a blog if I am just going to spit out the same information that everyone else and not have any opinion so here is goes: I think that as the Dodgers proved yesterday they can win without him in the lineup but I think that if he is out of the lineup for an extended period of time the Dodgers lineup is going to suffer. They were just getting everything together and he is one of the main players in that.  Not to mention is wonderful good looks and all =).

Other things I have comments on:
-Nick Johnson needs to shave his porn stache immediately, it’s not like it is making hit better like Giambi’s did a couple of years ago.

-I am sick of hearing everyone, Michael Kay, talk about what a big deal it is that the Yankees don’t have Johnson right now.  I mean come on the only thing he was doing that was somewhat useful was getting on base his.  His batting average is still well below .200 and he didn’t have an overwhelming amount of RBIs or anything.  I honestly think that the only thing it inconviencing is that they no longer have a designated designated hitter and now they have to rotate players around to find someone to fill that spot.

-Unrelated to most things but still related to baseball and something I have thoughts on, I am in love with the Mets new first basemen Ike Davis ♥.

-I think that Fransico Cervelli is absolutely adorable and everybody, Michael Kay, needs to stop hating on him because he is young and doing amazing and at this rate will probably take over for Jorge Posada soon since Jorge is old and starting to slow down.

-And in case you can’t tell by the other “thoughts” I am so not liking Michael Kay right now. If you follow my tweets you can see my Michael Kay rant 140 characters at a time, just remember reading it in a sarcastic voice is key.

-In order to leave this post on a happy note and not a Michael Kay one:

Ramiro Pena ♥

“…I turn it around.
I’m making it back,
I’m not gonna drown.
I’m taking a stance.
I won’t miss a chance.
I want you to see
I’m not scared to dance.”

That is all.


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p.p.s. Lyrics are the title of this post because of this video cause I am still a Disney kid even if I’m 18!

“If You Tell Me To Jump Then I’ll Die”

amd_ramiro-pena.jpg“…In my dreams I’m there
I always hoped that I’d learn how to fly
In my dreams I’m there”

I know Phil Hughes had a great game the other night and that Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp have been having great seasons and I have not even began to touch on the Dodgers this season but before that I have a nice rant for you, I don’t that you would call it a rant since it is sort of positive but whatever.

I want to start by sating that I think the Yankees beat writers are so much better than there TV or radio announcers.  They have opinions that are much more balanced, or at least they seem to be based on their tweets and articles.  Unlike the announcers they don’t treat the team or the players like they are royalty or anything special just because of the uniform they put on doesn’t give them any special privileges.  We’ll start with the A-Rod/Braden situation from earlier this week.  Let me start by saying that I do think that it was wrong of him to walk across the mound when there is a whole infield area around for him to walk on.  However, I also think that Braden over reacted and that this entire incident has been blown completely out of proportion. If it were two players on the same level as Braden then this wouldn’t be going on, not that there is anything wrong with being on Braden’s level it’s just that he is a younger player and playing for a team on a much smaller stage so he is not in the spot light as much.  

I think that this article basically sums up how I feel about A-Rod at this point.  I used to like him because I felt bad that it seemed like no one did.  Now I just feel like people don’t just not like him because he is a good player and gets paid a lot more money then most players are.  I think that this particular incident just shows him as being arrogant and full of himself.  Don’t get me wrong it has been a long time since I like A-Rod cause I felt bad for him, I stopped liking him long before the steroid stuff came out last year. But now I just feel like he isn’t even trying to show good sportsmanship.  Yes Braden over reacted but A-Rod is the one who responded to it when he didn’t really have to.  BTW I also don’t like most of what the other Yankee players said in response to the situation.

My second and much shorter rant has to do with the play at the plate last night involving Mark Teixiera and Bobby Wilson.  I do not think it was a dirty play if you think that the catcher has the ball and you need to score you go in hard and I would be saying that no matter which team is on the defense. Unless may Jesus was on the recieving end then I wouldn’t be to happy.  My problem with the play isn’t even about the play at all it is about what happened after the play was over after Tex touched the base and the run was scored.  He touched the base and ran right into the dugout.  I don’t think that he had to stay there until the trainer came out or even the manager but just ask if he is okay.  Even if you know he is not and couldn’t actually care less pretend to be nice and just ask it’s common courtesy.

So this post was a little intense for my taste and I will come back soon with an update on all that fun stuff.


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p.p.p.s. The lyrics are from the song “E.S.T.” by White Lies.

p.p.p.p.s. As much as I love Jesus Montero I still feel a little wierd writing his name as just Jesus.

p.p.p.p.p.s. The picture is Ramiro cause he started today =).

“When You See My Face…”

“…hope it gives you hell”

Serious post time not the original rant that I was planning and one that I never wanted to do but here it goes.  It’s not life or death or anything don’t worry just keep reading.

Umpire Groupie Update:

Since the Yankee/Red Sox opening series there has been some news going around involving umpire Joe West.  He was the HP umpire in the opening game and has since made some comments about both teams.  I don’t have all of his comments but here is just a little taste, “They’re the two clubs that don’t try to pick up the pace. They’re two
of the best teams in baseball. Why are they playing the slowest?”  and other things like calling them both, “a disgrace to baseball.”  So here are my thoughts I understand that the game of baseball is a long one especially when the teams playing are the Yankees and Red Sox.  But that is also one of the great things about baseball unlike hockey and basketball there is no clock nothing telling the players you have to do something in this amount of time.  The teams have all the time they need to score all the runs they need.   Off the subject of what he was saying and on to the subject of him saying it.  I think that he was completely out of line to call the teams, “a disgrace to baseball.”  If a player said something like that about an umpire he would be fined and as much as I love the umpries as you all know and West deserves to fined.  While every person is entitled to their own opinion as an umpire you give up that right.

On a side note still Umpire Groupie related.  To all the people who think that the umpires make to many mistakes and that there should be more instant replay put in the game, think of it this way: If you think that games are long now they will 10x longer with instant replay on every close play.  There is something called human error and that keeps the game authentic, not every call is going to be perfect the umpires cant slow down the play like they do on TV to disect it and they shouldn’t be able to.  Until the human eye can do that on irs own there is no reason to expect the umpires to make every call perfect.

In conclusion Joe West should be fined for what he said because if he is not that is showing that it is okay for umpire to do things that a player would get punished for.  The game is not to long it just goes at its own pace and that is how it should be.  And they should not add instant replay beacuase that would take away the authenticity of the game and make it so much longer than it already is.  But hey what do I know I am just an 18 year old girl with no athletic ability at all and thats just my opinion.


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p.p.s. Title is “Gives You Hell” by The All American Rejects which will be covered on Glee on Tuesday nights episode, I thought it was fitting for the post.

p.p.p.s. The main article I read about this was on SI.com.

p.p.p.p.s. I know I am not a great writer and my grammar in this post was probably really sucky but I do love the umpires and just wanted to say my opinion on the matter and all, I am the original umpire groupie after all.

“Never to Soon…”

Phil Hughes.jpg…Oh reckless abandon,
Like no one’s watching you
A moment, a love
A dream, a laugh
A kiss, a cry
Our rights, our wrongs”

Well baseball starts in less then 12 hours and while I was planning on ranting in this post I thought I would skip the rant for today because it is such a happy day, why ruin it?

All right so here’s what I thought: I’d do something fun a different.  Okay, so it’s not all that different and other people discuss it all the time but I never have so here it goes:

I am going to put together a list of all my favorite players for each position.  Yes most of them will probably be Yankees or Dodgers but those are my teams that where my players are =).

1B–James Loney, Doug Mientkiewicz (even though he didn’t make the Dodgers roster he is still classified as a first baseman on MLB.com and he is not retired so he still counts).

2B–Robinson Cano, Blake DeWitt, and Ramiro is categorized as a second baseman so he gets on this list too.

3B–Casey Blake, David Wright

SS–Derek Jeter, Raphael Furcal (that one didn’t even require thinking).

C–Russell Martin, Ramon Castro, Jose Molina (and the other 2 Molina’s and Jesus, but he is not in the majors so he doesn’t count).

OF–Melky Cabrera, Bobby Abreau, Johnny Damon, Andre Eithier, Matt Kemp, Angel Pagan, Nick Swisher, Xavier Nady

P (starters and relivers)–Phil Hughes, Brian Bruney, Kyle Farnsworth, Scott Proctor, Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton, Clayton Kershaw, Ross Ohlendorf.

There are plenty of other players not on this list that I like but I am to excited about tonight to wirte more.

Happy Opening Day!!!


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p.p.s. That picture still makes me happy.

p.p.p.s. The lyrics are from the song “Sweet Disposition” by Temper Trap.  It is the song playing at the end of the End of the World party on Greek so I will leave you with something to think about:

“It’s the end of the world, Cappie, what are you goning to do?”

“Cause I’m Halfway Gone and I’m On My Way”

Welcome back.  I know it has been a little while but i do keep updating twitter at an alarming rate so if you remember to follow me there then it shouldn’t be a problem.

I haven’t had much of a chance to sit around and watch spring training games lately and I am trying to watch this one all the way through so hopefully nothing will get in my way.  While there is no new baseball news that I feel the need to comment on at the moment there is general baseball news that I always feel the need to comment on and maybe even a little rant later on.  We’ll see how I am feeling at toward the end of this post.

Scotty 1.jpgFirst off…At lunch yesterday they had the Mets/ Nationals game on TV and as I was watching I was realizing how many of the Nationals used to be Yankees. For example Chien Ming Wang ( I doubt that I spelled that correctly), Tyler Clippard (remember him he looks like the acne covered 15 year old we all knew/know), and Wil Nieves (I don’t know if anyone other than me remebers him but i have to say I was a big fan).

Second…Since they are discussing it during the game now and it also has to with ex-Yankees I might as well mention it now.  I love and hate that all the players who leave the Yankees always seem to grow some sort of disturbing facial hair or bad haircut as like rebellion or something.  I find it quite amusing.  I love it because it is funny that as soon as they have the freedom to do something they couldn’t do before they do it no matter how bad it looks.  I hate it because it looks horrible.  I really do love the Yankees clean cut rule it is one of my favorite things about the team and something that sets them apart from the rest of the teams.

Thirdly…yes I did just use thirdly as a word…the Dodgers have made their first move of the off-season to upset me.  I will give them credit for stringing me along this whole off-season thinking that they would not make any bad moves.  But Dougy has left spring training and I don’t think he will be on any team this season minors or majors =(.  I really am sad about that cause he has been one of my favorite players since he was on the Mets back in like ’05 or something.  Otherwise the Dodgers are doing okay nothing major going on, or at least nothing I know about being all the way on the other coast and all.

Fourthly…I think that I have come to a very important conclusion that I now feel the need to mention.  And since it follows the trend of todays post of players and what not this seems like a good time to bring it up.  As much as I love my teams and intend to always be loyal to them I think that now more than ever I have come to rooting for players more than rooting for teams.  It started when Scotty Proctor was traded and I continued to follow him to the Dodgers and that is how I became a Dodger fan after all. And I am glad that I became a Dodger fan and as this off-season shows they don’t make moves that piss me off nearly as much as some of the Yankees moves do.  But finding that I like a team or can root for a team just because one of my favorites are now playing there doesn’t happen often in fact, for me it hasn’t happened since the Dodgers.  Scotty has been on the Marlins and now the Braves since he has left the Dodgers and while I had no intention of rooting for the Marlins and even now with him and Melky on the Braves I still have no intention of becoming a Braves fan.  But I still love to follow my players and see how they are doing and hope they can play their best even if they are not able to do that on the Yankees or the Dodgers.  I have to say both the teams I root for play on pretty big stages and for some players that is not the best place for them and a smaller market team may be a better fit for that player.  I much rather have the player be good somewhere else then struggle on one of my teams.  In addition to the players that leave because they are struggling there are also the players that leave because they just don’t get resigned or they are part of an unfortunate trade, like Johnny Damon, Jose Molina and Melky Cabrera.  I rather follow the players I like then a team that just feels like they are forced together.  Last seasons Yankee team seemed like they fit together they all worked together and were a good team to win the world series.  This season it just feels like they are forcing this whole group together and not actually working it out.

Fifthly…I would go on but this post is starting to look more like a short novel then a post so I am going to take a break as the Yankees do with their rain delay.


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p.p.s. The picture is of Scotty in honor of him and all the other ex-Yankees that I love and miss, and he was the original.

p.p.p.s. The title is the lyrics to “Halfway Gone” by Lifehouse in honor of the fact that we are way more than halfway to the start of baseball season =).